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Imagine Your Imagination

March 1, 2015

Special note: Dedicated to my nephew Aaron Baid a young man full of promise and readiness – one of life’s creators.

If I told you I could make all your dreams come true and all you had to do was close your eyes, would you believe me? Of course not! Yet in a strange way it is true. Even though I cannot guarantee that when you open your eyes your whole life would have changed, there will however be something different about you. That difference is how the thoughts going through your mind while your eyes were closed made you feel. If these thoughts were dreams about wonderful things you will feel wonderful and happy, if they were about becoming a hero you will feel braver and stronger and if you were thinking about laying on the perfect beach you will feel relaxed and calm. This, my friends is the magic of imagination.

In the dream world our imagination allows us to; soar to dizzy heights, slay dragons, confront dangers, explore wild outback’s and share love with complete strangers. In the real world it allows us to take risks, question situations, plan for the future and even experience something that we are unsure of.  Your imagination is a safe place and it can allow you to explore and be involved in situations that you usually wouldn’t be.

Back in 2008 I remember having a senior managerial meeting with our new Vice President (VC) of the division. Our department was going through a huge upheaval. The budget had been slashed, staff were being redeployed and let go and new processes were being implemented to manage the new structures. There was obvious panic in the room and one of my peers questioned how we were going to achieve the current projects with such restrictions. The answer was simple said the VC you just have to find ways to be more creative.

Imagination is married to one of the greatest words on the planet ‘creativity’ together these beautiful words grant you the power to create the world around you.  That which you think about, is manifested into reality. One of the most important things about this power is to keep it positive, it’s a bit like balancing it on a wire, keep it level and you will feel its benefits… let it drop… well you may already know what happens in that scenario. To get the results you need from your imagination you must reinforce it. I give you permission to day dream. Day dreaming encourages the visualisation of your ideas and thoughts, which can then lead to the establishment of these in your day to day life.  You can make changes to your life through using many visualisation techniques. To harness your imagination is a wonderful skill, it can help you form strategies, plan the steps you will take in a project plan and rough out the design of a product you have created in your mind. Your imagination is waiting to be used.

Everything created by people in our known universe was borne out of imagination; it was William Blake that said ‘What is now proved was once only imagination’. This gift is continuous, new technologies and new medical breakthroughs all in the name of progress. We are surrounded by creators, those that have passed and those that live now conceiving, designing, inventing, constructing, crafting, producing and generating in a continuous loop of positive energies.

I sincerely hope the persons reading this blog are one of those that live now. So to finish I leave you with one of my favourite quotes – ‘Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere’. Albert Einstein.


Curiosity Revives The Cat

January 28, 2015

From the moment we are born we are curious. After that initial scream of fear from leaving the womb your mind begins to wander and from here on in it’s about touch, smells, sight, hearing, seeing, connection and knowledge. Many scientists believe that curiosity is an emotion and should not be confused with instinct because it’s fundamental to sur...

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