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Kitchens, Coridoors and Life Long Friends

Posted by Neena Baid on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 Under: other blog

Why is it that most parties end up in the kitchen? After speaking with a few people about this very few of them have the same opinon. Some say its because that’s where the food or drink is, some say they like the noise and some say its because it’s a ‘doing’ place and if you are occupied with cooking or cleaning you don’t have to talk to anyone.

I believe its because it’s the only place in the house where you can actually be yourself. Even Prince William and Kate had a private kitchen built in their london home because they said they wanted to feel like a normal family. I personally love it when my friends pull up a stool in the kitchen and banter with me while I rattle those pots and pans (and share the odd glass of wine) its extremely relaxing. 

When I am consulting or training I always seek out the kitchens and time out spaces of my clients because that is where I have met and meet the most diverse group of employees. These spaces allow you to meet people that you wouldn’t usually meet during your time there. Most of all they allow you to learn so much more about the organisation; who the go to people are, how they function, their processes, interesting facts, issues and ideas and make life long friends.

The rest of my time inbetween the working hours are spent arranging to meet for a quick coffee or having a catch up with someone I have passed in the coridoors. Being able to walk past people you know, that quick nod, smile or hello has such an inclusive feeling. I can quite confidently say I have met people from all levels of their organisation from reception to the leadership team some of which are now life long friends.

As the New Year is just around the corner I would like to give you some food for thought in amongst the mince pies and odd glass of wine (theres that wine again). If you havent already maybe you should make some extra time in your day to visit the company kitchen or coffee room, you never know who you will meet and just what you will learn. If your company is going through some sort of significant change it’s the ideal place to gauge how teams and individuals are feeling about what is happening and you will then learn how to support them better.

I wish you all the very best wishes for the forth coming New Year. New Years arent just about new beginning, they are about fruition of planned goals, growth in your businesses and a wealth of opportunities. 2016 is going to be an amazing year of change.  

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